How do you assess the candidates ?
All the developers on our platform go through a rigorous screening process which involves an English communication skills test, a coding skills test, a live technical interview and a week-long sample project. They only become a part of our platform upon clearance of these tests.
Do all projects get accepted on Prolanceer ?
Not necessarily, as we review all projects before publishing them on our platform. We try our best to bring you professionals who are appropriate for your project. However, If there are no professionals qualified to work on it, or choose not to, the project will not get accepted.
What type of projects can I submit ?
Clients can submit any kind of projects related to software development. These can range from week-long projects like bug fixes to year-long projects like end-to-end software product development.
When does my project start ?
Work on your project starts after your project is accepted and you have selected your freelancer team members.
How do I manage my team ?
It is easy to manage teams through our platform, and keep in touch with your chosen Professionals. Additionally, we will constantly monitor the progress of your project in order to ensure that everything is going smoothly and according to plan.
How do you decide on the quotation ?
The quotation is decided when the client and developer reach a consensus regarding the same.
On what basis do you decide on the quotation ?
Quotation is based on the proposal provided by the Project Owner, the complexity of the project, and the timeframe.
Why should I pick Prolanceer ?
We help you find Professionals for both short term and long term projects. What sets our Professionals apart from others is that they go through a rigorous vetting process before joining our platform. Moreover, we offer complete transparency by allowing direct interaction with the individuals and teams working on your project.
How do you decide on the duration of the project ?
Based on your project requirements, framework, and budget, we decide on the duration and contract of the project.
Can I invite people on Prolanceer ?
Yes, you can invite people to sign up for Prolanceer. However, they will only receive membership after being vetted,and if found to be suitable to work for Prolanceer.
I work for an agency – can my agency apply ?
No. We only allow individuals or teams of independent professionals to work on projects. Agencies are not allowed to apply for projects.
How good are the Professionals ?
Our Professionals go through a screening process, which includes an English communication skills test and technical skills assessment, only after which they are invited to join. An objective assessment and a credibility-based process ensure that the Professionals are the best in their field.
If I get turned down for a project, will I be informed why ?
While we encourage Project Owners to mention the same, there are often chances that they might notify you. However, if we are ever informed as to why you were turned down for a project, we will definitely share the information with you.
What does the Agreement include ?
Our Agreement outlines the duties and involvement of Prolanceer, Project Owners, and Professionals. If you ever feel that you want to add more clauses to the contract between you and the other party, you are allowed to, provided both parties agree to the clause.
How are payments made to the Professional ?
Payments are done via Wire Transfer, NEFT or Paypal.
When are payments made ?
Payments are transferred to the Professional after every 15 days.
Can I make a full payment at the beginning of the project itself ?
Absolutely – whatever is most convenient for you! However, we keep the payment for one month on standby, in case the project is halted midway and we have to give the Professional a month’s notice.
What happens if I cannot pay for the project ?
If you default on a payment, the project is immediately suspended. As we take a month’s amount in advance, the Professional is paid that amount in lieu of their notice period.
What happens if I’m not satisfied with the work given to me ?
While we screen our talent, there is always a chance that the member isn’t a perfect fit for you. In such cases, we will intervene and find you a replacement within a few days if it’s a freelancer, or 2-4 weeks if it’s a full time Professional. In case you know who you want to work with, you are free to ask them to join your project.
What about IP Protection ?
Based on our contracts, the client has complete IP Protection and complete ownership of the final product, provided the payments are made in due time.
How often do I get updates on the progress of my project ?
You can check and manage your project as often as you want on our platform.
What happens if my product needs maintenance after the completion of the project ?
The developer who worked on your product will continue with the maintenance process, if requested.
How fast can the project be completed ?
Depends on you and the Professional! Together, you can decide the timeframe of the project based on how complex the work is and when you need it by!
How does an Professional get matched to a project ?
Based on the preferences they mention and their portfolio, we will find projects that Professionals may be interested in. If they want to go ahead and work on it, they can get in touch with the client.
Do we get to rate their experience of working with Prolanceer and the client ?
Yes, at the end of the project, both the Professional and the client can rate the experience of working with each other and Prolanceer. This rating is recorded for future use.
What happens once my project ends ?
Once the project is finished, we check again for any fine-tuning that is needed. You will then get the complete deliverable. If you need anything else from our end, just drop us an e-mail!
How do I create my team ?
First, you post the project outline, along with the talent required. Once we know the kind of people you need on your team and project, we will start matching you with potential candidates and setting up interviews. Once you select the candidate you feel is right for you, you can make them a part of your team.
Do you offer any other services ?
We also help you register your company, get a business visa, and assemble your own staff! For more information, write to us on